I am a Software Engineer at Rubrik .
Previously, I was a tenure track Faculty at Max Planck Institute for Software Systems from March 2019 to Dec 2020. From Jan. 2015 to Feb. 2019. I was a Software Engineer at Google Networking Infrastructure Team. From Nov. 2014 to Jan. 2015, I was a Research Scientist at Intel Labs. From Mar. 2012 to Mar. 2014, I was a Post-Doctoral Researcher at Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK. I received a Ph.D. in Computer Science at KAIST in 2012 under Sue Moon and KyoungSoo Park.

My research interest in end-host networking support including NIC, Kernel, RDMA, and RPCs. Since 2012, I researched network performance isolation and congestion control problems with the goal of providing latency guarantees in the datacenter networks.

Publications Google Scholar Author Page

Peer-reviewed Conference

  1. Swift: Delay is Simple and Effective for Congestion Control in the Datacenter,
  2. Credit-Scheduled Delay-Bounded Congestion Control for Datacenters
  3. NetBricks: Taking the V out of NFV
  4. E2: A Framework for NFV Applications
  5. Silo: Predictable Message Latencyin the Cloud
  6. Accurate Latency-based Congestion Feedback for Datacenters
  7. NBA (Net-work Balancing Act): A High-performance Packet Processing Framework for Heterogeneous Processors Best Student Paper
  8. Chatty Tenants and the Cloud Network Sharing Problem
  9. SSLShader: Cheap SSL Acceleration with Commodity Processors
  10. PacketShader: A GPU-Accelerated Software Router
  11. Path Stitching: Internet-wide Path and Delay Estimation from Existing Measurements
  12. Evaluation of VoIP Quality over WiBro


  1. DX: Latency-Based Congestion Control for Datacenters
  2. Scalable and systematic Internet-wide path and delay estimation from existing measurements


  1. The Power of Batching in the Click Modular Router
  2. Building a 100 Gbps Software Router with Commodity Hardware
  3. Implementation and Evaluation of a Mobile PlanetLab Node
  4. Best-case WiBro Performance for a Single Flow
  5. 3G and 3.5G Wireless Network Performance Measured from Moving Cars and High-Speed Trains
  6. Improving Delay Estimation with Path-Stitching
  7. Design Considerations for a Mobile Testbed

Poster & Demo

  1. Towards an Open Middlebox Platform for Modular Function Composition

  2. Reviving Delay-based TCP for DataCenters
  3. Modularity Meets Batching: Towars an Experimental Platform for High-speed Software Routers
  4. Accelerating SSL with GPUs Best Poster
  5. PacketShader: Massively Parallel Packet Processing with GPUs to Accelerate Software Routers
  6. Internet Sibilla: Utilizing DNS for Delay Estimation Service

Technical Reports

  1. ExpressPass: End-to-End Credit-based Congestion Control for Datacenters
  2. SoftNIC: A software NIC to augment hardware
  3. Silo: Predictable Message Completion Time in the Cloud
  4. Path stitching: Scalable and systematic internet-wide path and delay estimation from existing measurements


  • "SoftNIC: A Software NIC to Augment Hardware"
    • Invited talk @ FUTURE INTERNET FORUM, Oct. 2014
    • Invited talk @ Seoul National University, Oct. 2014
  • "Silo: Predictable Message Latency in the Cloud," SIGCOMM, Aug 2015
    • Invited talk @ Sungkyunkwan University, May. 2014
    • Invited talk @ UNIST, Oct. 2015
  • "Chatty Tenants and the Cloud Network Sharing Problem," NSDI, Apr 2013
  • "SSLShader: Cheap SSL Acceleration with Commodity Processors," NSDI, Apr 2011


  • Program Committee
    • NSDI 2021
    • SIGCOMM 2019
    • APNet 2017, 2019, 2020
    • HotMiddlebox 2016
  • Reviewer
    • IEEE Transactions on Networking
    • ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review
  • External Reviewer
    • INFOCOM 2017
    • SIGCOMM 2015